CTIC PRIVACY PROTECTOR is an independent software company. We support all the computer devices as third party company And we do not claim that we are Microsoft, Apple or any of computer brands. Use of names and trademarks are only for reference and in no way intended to imply intentionally or unintentionally that CTIC PRIVACY PROTECTOR has any kind of association with these third-party product providers.
THIRD-PARTY DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE: CTIC PRIVACY uses certain software and tools to diagnose the problem that you are facing. These tools are generally available free of cost on the Internet and can by downloaded and run by the customers themselves. Please note CTIC does not charge the customer of these software and tools.
As a precautionary measure it's very much relevant to install a good Privacy Protector program which can build the first protection system in your computer. Besides that also important to take up regular virus scan to make sure your computer stay safe.

WARRANTY COVERAGE BY THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS: Most of the Companies provide Hardware as well as Software Support for an initial period of the product life. In case, your product is under warranty, CTIC PRIVACY strongly recommends you to kindly get in touch with the original manufacturer since the services can be delivered FREE from them.
FURTHER CLARIFICATIONS:In case you have any further queries, feel free to contact us at info@cticprivacyprotector.com

CUSTOMER COMMENTS AND TESTIMONIALS:The comments and testimonials you see from the customers are 100 percent genuine as the customers themselves have emailed them to CTIC PRIVACY PROTECTOR.