CTIC Privacy Protector

CTIC Privacy Protector will surely clear out all your personal data which you want to get cleared like your browsing history and all other footprints of digital work that you did on your PC like the chat records, file usage etc. CTIC Privacy Protector cleans the files very nicely but exactly as you want, it will delete only those files and records which you will opt to delete and also it provides you the convenience of regular deleting of files at regular intervals of time automatically.

CTIC Privacy Protector not only deletes files just to keep your personal data safe but it can also help you to manage your own tracking, if you wish to do so. Moreover, CTIC Privacy Protector deletes you log-in credentials also to make your personal data much more safe and also notifies you if the same log-in details is being used and hence logged-in by some different browser.

CTIC Privacy Protector makes the users hassle free from performing time to time deleting of files and data records as with our software all you need to do is just to set one time automatic schedule timer and all your work will be done automatically daily at schedules time without your's availability too.

Work with CTIC Privacy Protector for doing quick scans that will tell you about privacy risks along with other information about private data that can get hacked too.

CTIC Privacy Protector Highlights:

Clears History: Clears all your browsing data and history
Protects from online frauds: Helps you get prevented from phishing and other all malwares along with hackers and scammers.
Protects Private Data: Prevents all your personal data from going into wrong hands and hence keeps all your personal data safely.
Stops Ad’s: It clears the cookies automatically that can hack your system info and can corrupt your files too.

CTIC Privacy Protector Features:

Sandbox: CTIC Privacy Protector has a unique function that allows you to clear the browsing history and create a browsing history of your own by which you can show any site which you have actually visited but do not want to show that.

Protect Profiles: CTIC Privacy Protector helps you in protecting against the online frauds and thefts that try to steal your personal info like Number, E-mail Id etc.

Clear Passwords: CTIC Privacy Protector helps you to delete all your personal info like username and passwords and keeps your browser totally clean and works on all browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.

Threat Scanner: CTIC Privacy Protector has been built in a way so as to inform you about the threats tying to enter your PC and hence you can immediately stop them from entering in your PC.

Real Time Tracking: CTIC Privacy Protector provides you with the convenience of keeping a real time track of your browsing and stops malwares from entering into your PC.

Deleting Cookies: CTIC Privacy Protector deletes all your caches and cookies automatically after a period of time if it is threat to tour system.

Scheduled Removal: CTIC Privacy Protector will delete the browsing history and other data automatically by enabling a scheduled timer for deleting it.

Replacing Browsing Data: CTIC Privacy Protector clears your personal data or browsing history if you want to clear and will show a browsing history as upon what you want.