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The computer started giving unusual responses, or sometimes, no response at all. It was simply an attack of a harmful infection that can introduce Trojan malware, and malicious programs onto unprotected computers. Trojan, malware, and malicious onto the unprotected computers.A computer virus attack is always a nightmare for IT people. Today, everyone who is working on PCs, or other mobile devices, is careful about protecting against these threats by using privacy protection software.

It’s easy to understand how a computer, or any other device, gets attacked by malware. By visiting unsafe websites or unknowingly clicking on a hacked link, opening e-mail from unknown sources or using virus-infected USB devices are but a few ways to contract a virus. The malware gets embedded into the computer harming your PC. Trojans can steal personal information from an infected computer and send spam emails to all the victim’s contacts.

In case of a virus attack, you should immediately contact your hardware vendor so that any infected files can be safely transferred to another USB device or drive. Sometime it’s possible that infected files can also be recovered. As a precautionary measure, it is wise to install a good Privacy Protector program, which can provide the first line of defense for your computer. This, in addition to regular virus scans, greatly improves the safety of your files and computer programs.
As a precautionary measure it’s very much relevant to install a good Privacy Protector program which can build the first protection system in your computer. Besides that also important to take up regular virus scan to make sure your computer stay safe.

Because new viruses are constantly being created by computer hackers, it is more important than ever to keep an updated Privacy Protector installed on your PC. CTIC is offering a Privacy Protector which protects from all types of to-date viruses and prevents spreading of infected files. Our software will examine infected files and then either delete or quarantine them so that the file is not accessible to other programs. Afterwards, CTIC Privacy Protector attempts to repair the infected file by removing the virus from the file.

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Installation of CTIC software is quite easy. One need to go to the official website and clicking on download link and it will allow you to download the software. Installation will be done on confirmation from user and post successful installation software will immediately start diagnosing the PC and will scan and repair until the PC is fully protected. Primarily Privacy Protector Softwares are designed to protect computers from viruses but due to wide use of internet, it is a mandatory requirement to design an Privacy Protector Software which can protect from other malware like spyware, adware and Rootkits. CTIC Privacy Protector provides protection on emails by blocking and detaining any threats in incoming emails. Same way it gives alert message on files downloaded from internet, in case having virus threat.

CTIC Privacy Protector will routinely scan a computer for threats on a pre-defined schedule. Extra features can be added like secure file eraser, history cleaner, and start-up manager Remove help and operating at peak performance.

Privacy Protector is available for Windows Operating Systems.

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